Formula 1 Suppliers


Provisional list of suppliers. Teams are changing suppliers and it's almost impossible to keep this list updated. So, this list can be used only for you to get some general idea. There is much more suppliers, but resources for this kind of data is difficult to find. Enjoy reading!


Formula 1 Suppliers





Tires From 2010 Pirelli All teams Pirelli logo
Wheels Advanti Mercedes Enkei wheels
Wheels BBS Force India
OZ Racing Sauber, Ferrari, RedBull, Force India, Renault, Mercedes
Apptech STR
Rays Williams
Enkei McLaren
Wheel guns Paoli Supplier for all teams, (I believe McLaren & Ferrari modify their own Paoli guns) Wheel guns Dino Paoli
Pistons and cylinders Mahle Sauber, Williams, Ferrari and probably all other teams. In the past supplied Mercedes also, but now they makes its own Piston Mahle
Brake Systems Brembo Ferrari, STR, Sauber, Renault, Force India, Mercedes, RedBull Formula 1 brake disc
AP Racing Lotus, Force India, Williams, Renault, Marussia
Endless Mercedes
Alcon Red Bull, McLaren
Akebono McLaren
Brake Discs and pads AP Racing Marussia Carbon Brakes
Brake disc and pads (braking material) are mostly chosen by driver itself, depend on driver preferences on braking performance).
Carbon Industrie Ferrari, Mercedes, Sauber
Hitco McLaren, Marussia
Brembo Ferrari, STR, Force India, RedBull, Mercedes
Spark plugs Magneti Marelli Force India, Sauber Sparkplugs
SKF Ferrari
NGK McLaren, Mercedes
Champion RedBull, Renault, Marussia
Monocoque ATR Ferrari, STR, Force India, Monocoque
Piston rings Goetze Sauber, Williams and probably more others teams, if not all Piston rings
Cluch AP Racing Red Bull, Sauber, Williams, Marussia, STR Clutch
Sachs Ferrari, Force India, Mercedes
Shok absorbers Penske Racing Shocks RedBull Racing, Force India, Marussia, Mercedes, STR Shok absorbers
Sachs Ferrari, Sauber
Bilstein McLaren
Koni Mercedes
Xtract Ferrari Gearbox
Hewland Sauber, Williams
Magneti Marelli STR
Electronics PI Technology RedBull, Renault McLaren-Microsoft common ECU
TAG McLaren, STR
Magneti Marelli Ferrari, STR, Sauber
McLaren-Microsoft All teams-common ECU from 2008
Fire extinguishers Lifeline fire extinguisher Two of only few FIA certified suppliers  
Seat belts TRW Ferrari 6 point safety belt
Sabelt McLaren, STR, Marussia
Schroth RedBull, Force India
OMP Racing Renault, STR
Takata industries Sauber, Mercedes
Willans Williams
CAD Catia CAD McLaren, Sauber, Ferrari, Renault, RedBull Cad
Cimatron STR
CFD Siemens PLM Red Bull Racing CFD
CD-adapco Renault
BAE McLaren Mercedes
AMI Sauber
Flow Science Sauber
CFD Fluent Ferrari, Mercedes
Applied Computing & Engineering  
Direct fuel¸injection Bosch STR  
Fittings Fittings Poggipolini Ferrari, STR Fittings
Seats Alcantara Sauber, Williams, Ferrari  
Lear RedBull, STR  
Fuel cell ATL All teams Fuel tank
Crankshaft Chambon SA Sauber, Ferrari, Renault, Mclaren, RedBull, Mercedes Crankshaft
Telemetry Plextek Sauber, Williams, RedBull, STR, Ferrari Telemetry
Radio Riedel Communications Sauber, Marussia Formula 1 radio
Battery GS Yuasa Corporation Mclaren, RedBull, Mercedes GS Yuasa
F1 Partners - 2008 F1 had signed a multi-year deal with LG as its technology partner. LG's logo featured on F1's live timing system.
- 2012 F1 had signed a multi-year service and marketing agreement for technology deal with TATA Communications with Formula One Management. The agreement will see Tata Communications delivering world-class connectivity to all 20 Formula One race locations over its global network, the largest in the world.
Rolex in Formula 1- 2012 F1 had signed a multi-year deal with Rolex as official Formula 1 timekeeper from the 2013 season. Rolex logo will appear around the circuits and at several corners during Formula 1 races.
- At the start of the 2013 Riedel Communications became Formula One's new supplier of the electronic telemetry marshalling system. Riedel Communications designs, manufactures and distributes the most pioneering real-time networks for event, sports, theatre and security applications worldwide. The company also provides telemetry systems for large-scale events such as Olympic Games, Formula 1 races or World Cups. The Company was founded in 1987 and today employs over 400 people located within 11 locations in Europe, Australia, Asia and the Americas.

If you look at fuel/oil sponsors/suppliers in F1, you can see Ferrari with Shell, Red Bull with Total, Mercedes with Petronas, McLaren with Mobil, Lotus with Total, Williams with PDVSA and Scuderia Toro Rosso with Cepsa. Not all of these teams use the products of their sponsors but most of them do. Oil companies pay a lot to be in F1. In total these sponsorships are probably worth in the region of over $200 million a year. In addition to that some of the engine companies prefer to work with a single oil/fuel supplier and will not let teams use other fuels. Oil/fuel suppliers are not included in my list above because some of them are "temporary" sponsors, depend of the drivers they supporting in Formula 1.

In March 2007 F1 Racing published its annual estimates of spending by Formula One teams. The total spending of all eleven teams in 2006 was estimated at $2.9 billion.
This was broken down as follows;
Toyota $418.5 million,
Ferrari $406.5 m,
McLaren $402 m,
Honda $380.5 m,
BMW Sauber $355 m,
Renault $324 m,
Red Bull $252 m,
Williams $195.5 m,
Midland F1/Spyker-MF1 $120 m,
Toro Rosso $75 m,
Super Aguri $57 million.

Costs vary greatly from team to team; in 2006 teams such as Honda, Toyota, McLaren-Mercedes and Ferrari are estimated to have spent approximately $200 million on engines, Renault spent approximately $125 million and Cosworth's 2006 V8 was developed for $15 million.
In contrast to the 2006 season on which these figures are based, the 2007 sporting regulations ban all performance related engine development.

During 2010, in terms of cost to run against points, the best performing team was McLaren, which spent an estimated $460,000 per point it scored in 2010. The worst were the three new teams (Hispanija Racing Team, Virgin Racing and Lotus Racing), who together spent around $200 million without gaining a single point.
The best paid driver in 2010 was Fernando Alonso, who received $40 million in salary from Ferrari - a record for any driver. He hasn't always been top of the pile though and is also the worst-paid champion in the last decade. When he won his first title in 2005, as a relatively unknown driver, he received 'only' $6 million from Renault.
The top engineers are paid more than most of the drivers. Adrian Newey, for example, who won his seventh constructors' title with Red Bull this year (he won before with Wiliams and McLaren), is believed to get around $10 million annually from Red Bull Racing, making him the team's highest paid employee ahead of both of its drivers.

in 2012 was estimated that top teams have spent approximately $375m a year while those at the back of the grid estimate their spending to be around $75m. It's estimated that the top Formula 1 teams spend $1m a day - while those at the back of the grid spend $2m a week.
A budget cap to limit team spending to $250m a year has been proposed for 2014 - but that won't help the smaller teams further down the grid to cut costs.


Formula 1 Engine Supplier - History

Formula 1 Tire Suppliers - History


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