Formula 1 Driver and
Constructor champions



Year Car No Driver champion Car Constructor Champion
2020 44 Lewis Hamilton (GB) Mercedes F1 W11 Mercedes AMG Petronas F1
2019 44 Lewis Hamilton (GB) Mercedes F1 W10 Mercedes AMG Petronas F1
2018 44 Lewis Hamilton (GB) Mercedes F1 W09 Mercedes AMG Petronas F1
2017 44 Lewis Hamilton (GB) Mercedes F1 W08 Mercedes AMG Petronas F1
2016 6 Nico Rosberg (D) Mercedes F1 W07 Mercedes AMG Petronas F1
2015 44 Lewis Hamilton (GB) Mercedes F1 W06 Mercedes AMG Petronas F1
2014 44 Lewis Hamilton (GB) Mercedes F1 W05 Mercedes AMG Petronas F1
2013 1 Sebastian Vettel (D) RBR-Renault RB9 Renault Red Bull Racing-Renault
2012 1 Sebastian Vettel (D) RBR-Renault RB8 Renault Red Bull Racing-Renault
2011 1 Sebastian Vettel (D) RBR-Renault RB7 Renault Red Bull Racing-Renault
2010 5 Sebastian Vettel (D) RBR-Renault RB6 Renault Red Bull Racing-Renault
2009 22 Jenson Button (GB) BrawnGP B01 - Mercedes BrawnGP Mercedes
2008 21 Lewis Hamilton (GB) McLaren MP4-23 - Mercedes Ferrari
2007 6 Kimi RAIKKONEN (FIN) Ferrari F2007 Ferrari
2006 1 Fernando ALONSO (SPA) Renault R26 Renault
2005 5 Fernando ALONSO (SPA) Renault R25 Renault
2004 1 Michael SCHUMACHER (GER) Ferrari F2004 Ferrari
2003 1 Michael SCHUMACHER (GER) Ferrari F2002B & F2003-GA Ferrari
2002 1 Michael SCHUMACHER (GER) Ferrari F2001B & F2002 Ferrari
2001 1 Michael SCHUMACHER (GER) Ferrari F2001 Ferrari
2000 3 Michael SCHUMACHER (GER) Ferrari F1-2000 Ferrari
1999 1 Mika HAKKINEN (FIN) McLaren MP4-14 - Mercedes Ferrari
1998 8 Mika HAKKINEN (FIN) McLaren MP4-13 - Mercedes McLaren - Mercedes
1997 3 Jacques VILLENEUVE (CAN) Williams FW19 - Renault Williams - Renault
1996 5 Damon Hill (GBR) Willams FW18 - Renault Williams - Renault
1995 1 Michael SCHUMACHER (GER) Benetton B195 - Renault Benetton - Renault
1994 5 Michael SCHUMACHER (GER) Benetton B194 - Ford Williams Renault
1993 2 Alain PROST (FRA) Williams FW15C - Renault Williams - Renault
1992 5 Nigel MANSELL (GBR) Williams FW14B - Renault Williams - Renault
1991 1 Ayrton SENNA (BRA) McLaren MP4/6 - Honda McLaren - Honda
1990 27 Ayrton SENNA (BRA) McLaren MP4/5B - Honda McLaren - Honda
1989 2 Alain PROST (FRA) McLaren MP4/5 - Honda McLaren - Honda
1988 12 Ayrton SENNA (BRA) McLaren MP4/4 - Honda McLaren - Honda
1987 6 Nelson PIQUET (BRA) Williams FW11B - Honda Williams - Honda
1986 1 Alain PROST (FRA) McLaren MP4/2C - TAG/Porsche Williams - Honda
1985 2 Alain PROST (FRA) McLaren MP4/2B - TAG/Porsche McLaren - TAG/Porsche
1984 8 Niki LAUDA (AUT McLaren MP4/2 - TAG/Porsche McLaren - TAG/Porsche
1983 5 Nelson PIQUET (BRA) Brabham BT52 & BT52B-BMW Ferrari
1982 6 Keke ROSBERG (FIN) Williams FW07D & FW08 - Ford/Cosworth Ferrari
1981 5 Nelson PIQUET (BRA) BrabhamBT49C - Ford/Cosworth Williams -Ford/Cosworth
1980 27 Alan JONES (AUS) Williams FW07 & FW07B - Ford/Cosworth Williams -Ford/Cosworth
1979 11 Jody SCHECKTER (SAF) Ferrari 312T3 & 312T4 Ferrari
1978 5 Mario ANDRETTI (USA) Lotus 78 & 79-Ford/Cosworth Lotus - Ford/Cosworth
1977 11 Niki LAUDA (AUT) Ferrari 312T2 Ferrari
1976 11 James HUNT (GBR) McLaren M23 - Ford/Cosworth Ferrari
1975 12 Niki LAUDA (AUT) Ferrari 312B3 & 312T Ferrari
1974 5 Emerson FITTIPALDI (BRA) McLaren M23 - Ford/Cosworth McLaren -Ford/Cosworth
1973 5 Jackie STEWART (GBR) Tyrrell 005 & 006 - Ford/Cosworth Lotus - Ford/Cosworth
1972 # Emerson FITTIPALDI (BRA) Lotus 72D - Ford/Cosworth Lotus - Ford/Cosworth
1971 # Jackie STEWART (GBR) Tyrrell 001 & 003 - Ford/Cosworth Tyrrell - Ford/Cosworth
1970 # Jochen RINDT (AUT) Lotus 49C & 72 - Ford/Cosworth Lotus - Ford/Cosworth
1969 # Jackie STEWART (GBR) Matra MS10&MS80 Ford/Cosworth Matra - Ford/Cosworth
1968 # Graham HILL (GBR) Lotus 49 & 49B - Ford/Cosworth Lotus - Ford/Cosworth
1967 # Denny HULME (NZL) Brabham BT19,BT20&BT24-Repco Brabham - Repco
1966 # Jack BRABHAM (AUS) Brabham BT19 & BT20 - Repco Brabham - Repco
1965 # Jim CLARK (GBR) Lotus 25 & 33 - Climax Lotus - Climax
1964 # John SURTEES (GBR) Ferrari 158 Ferrari
1963 # Jim CLARK (GBR) Lotus 25 - Climax Lotus - Climax
1962 # Graham HILL (GBR) BRM P57 BRM
1961 # Phil HILL (GBR) Ferrari 156 Ferrari
1960 # Jack BRABHAM (AUS) Cooper T51 & T53 - Climax Cooper - Climax
1959 # Jack BRABHAM (AUS) Cooper - T45 & T51 Climax Cooper - Climax
1958 # Mike HAWTHORN (GBR) Ferrari 246 Vanwall
1957 # Juan Manuel FANGIO (ARG) Maserati 250F #
1956 # Juan Manuel FANGIO (ARG) Lancia/Ferrari D50 #
1955 # Juan Manuel FANGIO (ARG) Mercedes W196 #
1954 # Juan Manuel FANGIO (ARG) Maserati 250F & Mercedes W196 #
1953 # Alberto ASCARI (ITA) Ferrari 500 #
1952 # Alberto ASCARI (ITA) Ferrari 500 #
1951 # Juan Manuel FANGIO (ARG) Alfa Romeo 159 #
1950 # Giuseppe "Nino" FARINA (ITA) Alfa Romeo 158 & 159 #


Record holders for the most wins

Driver Most win Record When
Nino Farina 1 Silverstone 1950
Nino Farina 2 Switzerland 1950
Juan Manuel Fangio 3 France 1950
Juan Manuel Fangio 6  
Alberto Ascari 13 1955
Juan Manuel Fangio 14 Argentina 1954
Juan Manuel Fangio 24 Germany 1957
Jim Clark 25 South Africa 1968
Jackie Stewart 27 Germany 1973
Alain Prost 28 Portugal 1987
Alain Prost 51 Germany 1993
Michael Schumacher 52 Belgium 2001
Michael Schumacher 91 China 2006


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My thoughts go out to his family at this difficult time.

RIP Sabine Schmitz
Terrible news about passing of Sabine Schmitz, a proper driving legend who'll be sadly missed by many. A fierce competitor, talented racer and "Queen of the Nürburgring" was an inspiration to many. She was the only woman to win the epic 24-hour at Nürburgring. She won in 1996 and then again the next year.
She suffered a longstanding illness with cancer.
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Black Lives Matter is an inarguable demand for justice, equality, and reform regardless of race, skin color, or religion.

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