Formula 1 engines supplier history


Numbers are correct as of the end of the 2011 season (I think ;)). Data are not completed, work in progress (if you have any additional data not included in this table, please sand me a mail and help me to complete the table. Thank you in advance!!)


Engine Raced/Type/Year Wins First win Last win
flag of italy Ferrari Type: Tipo 125, Year: 1950-1952
Type: Tipo 166, Year: 1952-1953
Type: Tipo 275, Year: 1950
Type: Tipo 375, Year: 1950-1951
Type: Tipo 212, Year: 1951-1952
Type: Tipo 500, Year: 1952-1956
Type: Tipo 553, Year: 1953-1954
Type: Tipo 106, Year: 1954-1955
Type: Tipo 107, Year: 1954-1955
Type: Tipo 625, Year: 1954-1955
Type: Tipo 555, Year: 1955-1956
Type: Dino 246, Year: 1958-1960
Type: Dino 156, Year: 1960-1964
Type: Tipo 158, Year: 1964-1965
Type: Tipo 178, Year: 1961-1964
Type: Tipo 205B, Year: 1964-1965
Type: Tipo 207, Year: 1964-1965
Type: Tipo 218, Year: 1966
Type: Tipo 228, Year: 1966
Type: Tipo 242, Year: 1967
Type: Tipo 242C, Year: 1968
Type: Tipo 255C, Year: 1969
Type: Tipo 001, Year: 1970-1971
Type: Tipo 001/1, Year: 1971-1973
Type: Tipo 001/11, Year: 1973
Type: Tipo 001/12, Year: 1974
Type: Tipo 015, Year: 1975-1980
Type: Tipo 021 (126C), Year: 1980
Type: Tipo 021/1(126C), Year: 1981
Type: Tipo 021/2(126C), Year: 1982
Type: Tipo 021/3(126C), Year: 1983
Type: Tipo 031/1, Year: 1984
Type: Tipo 031/2, Year: 1985
Type: Tipo 032, Year: 1986
Type: Tipo 033D, Year: 1987
Type: Tipo 033E, Year: 1988
Type: Tipo 034, Year: 1988
Type: Tipo 035/5, Year: 1989
Type: Tipo 036, Year: 1990
Type: Tipo 036/2, Year: 1990
Type: Tipo 037, Year: 1991-1992
Type: Tipo 040(E1-A92), Year: 1992-1993
Type: Tipo 041(E2-A93), Year: 1993
Type: Tipo 043(F4-A94), Year: 1994
Type: Tipo 044/1, Year: 1995
Type: Tipo 046/1, Year: 1996
Type: Tipo 046/2, Year: 1997, 1998
Type: Tipo 047, Year: 1998, 1999
Type: Tipo 048, Year: 1999
Type: Tipo 048B, Year: 1999, 2000
Type: Tipo 048C, Year: 1999
Type: Tipo 049, Year: 2000
Type: Tipo 049B, Year: 2000
Type: Tipo 049C, Year: 2000, 2001
Type: Tipo 050, Year: 2001, 2002
Type: Tipo 050D, Year: 2002
Type: Tipo 051, Year: 2002, 2003
Type: Tipo 052, Year: 2003
Type: Tipo 053, Year: 2004-2005
Type: Tipo 054, Year: 2005
Type: Tipo 055, Year: 2005
Type: Tipo 056, Year: 2006-2013
Type: Tipo 059/3, Year: 2014-
220 1951 British
Grand Prix
2011 British
Grand Prix
Flag of Malaysia Petronas
(Ferrari rebranded and one year old)
Type: SPE 01 (Ferrari Tipo 046), Year: 1997
Type: SPE 01D (Ferrari Tipo 046/2), Year: 1998
Type: SPE 03A (Ferrari Tipo 047), Year: 1999
Type: SPE 04A (Ferrari Tipo 048B), Year: 2000
Type: 01A (Ferrari Tipo 049C), Year: 2001
Type: 02A (Ferrari Tipo 050), Year: 2002
Type: 03A (Ferrari Tipo 051), Year: 2003
Type: 04A (Ferrari Tipo 053), Year: 2004
Type: 05A (Ferrari Tipo 055), Year: 2005
Flag of USA Flag of UK
Type: Cosworth DFV, Year: 1967-1984
Type: Cosworth DFY, Year: 1983
Type: TEC, Year: 1986-1987
Type: Cosworth DFZ, Year: 1987-1988
Type: Cosworth DFR, Year: 1988-1991
Type: HB, Year: 1989-1994
Type: ZETEC-R (EC, ECA), Year: 1994 (EC), 1995-1997 (ECA)
Type: ZETEC-R (JD, VJ, VJM), Year: 1996-1999. 2000 (Fondmetal). 2001 (European)
Type: ED (EDM, ED 2/4), Year: 1995-1997
Type: Cosworth CR-1, Year: 1999, 2001 (European)
176 1967 Dutch
Grand Prix
1994 Brazilian
Grand Prix
Flag of UK Cosworth Type: CR-2, Year: 2000
Type: CR-3, Year: 2001-2003
Type: CR-3L, Year: 2005
Type: CR-4, Year: 2002
Type: CR-5, Year: 2003
Type: CR-6, Year: 2004
Type: TJ2005, Year: 2005
Type: CA2006, Year: 2006
Type: TJ2006, Year: 2006
Type: CA2010, Year: 2010
Type: CA2011, Year: 2011
Type: CA2012, Year: 2012
1 2003 Brazilian
Grand Prix
2003 Brazilian
Grand Prix
Flag of  France Renault Type: EF1, Year: 1977-1983
Type: EF4, Year: 1984
Type: EF4B, Year: 1984-1986
Type: EF15, Year: 1985-1986
Type: EF15B, Year: 1986
Type: RS01, Year: 1989
Type: RS02, Year: 1990
Type: RS3, Year: 1991
Type: RS3B, Year: 1991
Type: RS3C, Year: 1992
Type: RS4, Year: 1992
Type: RS5, Year: 1993
Type: RS6, Year: 1994
Type: RS6B, Year: 1994
Type: RS7, Year: 1995
Type: RS7B, Year: 1995
Type: RS7C, Year: 1995
Type: RS8, Year: 1996
Type: RS8B, Year: 1996
Type: RS9, Year: 1997
Type: RS9B, Year: 1997, 1998
Type: RS21, Year: 2001
Type: RS22, Year: 2002
Type: RS23, Year: 2003
Type: RS24, Year: 2004
Type: RS24B, Year: 2004
Type: RS25, Year: 2005
Type: RS25B, Year: 2005
Type: RS25C, Year: 2005
Type: RS25D, Year: 2005
Type: RS25E, Year: 2005
Type: RS26, Year: 2006
Type: RS26B, Year: 2006
Type: RS26C, Year: 2006
Type: RS26D, Year: 2006
Type: RS26E, Year: 2006
Type: RS27, Year: 2007-2012
Type: Energy F1, Year: 2014-
146 1979 French
Grand Prix
2012 Abu Dhabi
Grand Prix
Flag of  France Bugatti Type: Bugatti 251, Year: 1956      
Flag of Germany Mercedes-

(1992 Mercedes-Benz commissioned Ilmor Engeneering and 2005 complete taking over of Ilmor company to become Mercedes-Ilmor)
2005 company was renamed to Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains
Type: M196 S8, Year: 1954-1955
Type: Sauber V10, Year: 1993
Type: FO 110, Year: 1995
Type: FO 110E, Year: 1997
Type: FO 110G, Year: 1998
Type: FO 110H, Year: 1999
Type: FO 110J, Year: 2000
Type: FO 110K, Year: 2001
Type: FO 108S, Year: 2006
Type: FO 108T, Year: 2007-2008
Type: FO 108W, Year: 2009
Type: FO 108X, Year: 2010
Type: FO 108Y, Year: 2011
Type: FO 108Z, Year: 2012
Type: FO 108F, Year: 2013
Type: PU106A Hybrid, Year: 2014-
92 1954 French
Grand Prix
2012 China
Grand Prix
Flag of Japan Honda Type: RA271E(A-series), Year: 1964
Type: RA272E(A-series), Year: 1965
Type: RA273E(B-series), Year: 1966-1968
Type: RA301E(B-series), Year: 1968
Type: RA302E(C-series), Year: 1968
Type: RA163E, Year: 1983
Type: RA164E, Year: 1984
Type: RA165E, Year: 1985
Type: RA166E, Year: 1986
Type: RA167E, Year: 1987
Type: RA168E, Year: 1988
Type: RA109E, Year: 1989
Type: RA100E, Year: 1990
Type: RA101E, Year: 1991
Type: RA121E, Year: 1991
Type: RA122E, Year: 1992
Type: RA099E (F4YE), Year: 1999
Type: RA000E, Year: 2000
Type: RA001E, Year: 2001
Type: RA002E, Year: 2002
Type: RA003E, Year: 2003
Type: RA004E, Year: 2004
Type: RA005E, Year: 2005
Type: RA806E, Year: 2006
Type: RA807E, Year: 2007
72 1965 Mexican
Grand Prix
2006 Hungarian
Grand Prix
Flag of Japan Toyota Type: RVX-01, Year: 2001
Type: RVX-02, Year: 2002
Type: RVX-03, Year: 2003
Type: RVX-04, Year: 2004
Type: RVX-05, Year: 2005
Type: RVX-06, Year: 2006
Type: RVX-07, Year: 2007
Type: RVX-08, Year: 2008
Type: RVX-09, Year: 2009
Flag of UK Coventry
  40 1958 Argentine
Grand Prix
1965 German
Grand Prix
Flag of Luxembourg TAG Type: TTE PO1, Year: 1983 25 1984 Brazilian
Grand Prix
1987 Portuguese
Grand Prix
Flag of Germany BMW Type: 328, Year: 1952-1953
Type: M10 "Apfelbeck", Year: 1967
Type: M12/1, Year: 1969
Type: M12/3, Year: 1968
Type: M12/13, Year: 1982-1987, 1987-1988 (Megatron)
Type: E41-4, Year: 2000
Type: P80, Year: 2001
Type: P82, Year: 2002
Type: P83, Year: 2003
Type: P84, Year: 2004
Type: P84/5, Year: 2005
Type: P86, Year: 2006
Type: P86/7, Year: 2007
Type: P86/8, Year: 2008
Type: P86/9, Year: 2009
20 1982 Canadian
Grand Prix
2008 Canadian
Grand Prix
Flag of UK BRM
(British Racing Motors)
Type: P15, Year: 1951
Type: P25, Year: 1956-1960
Type: P56, Year: 1962-1967
Type: P60, Year: 1963-1964
Type: P75 H16, Year: 1966-1967
Type: P142, Year: 1967-1974
Type: P200, Year: 1975-1977
Type: P202, Year: 1977
18 1959 Dutch
Grand Prix
1972 Monaco
Grand Prix
flag of italy Alfa Romeo Type: 158, Year: 1950-1951
Type: T33, Year: 1968, 1970-1971
Type: 115-12, Year: 1977-1979
Type: 1260, Year: 1979-1984
Type: 890T, Year: 1983-1988
12 1950 British
Grand Prix

1978 Italian
Grand Prix

flag of italy Osella
(Rebadged Alfa Romeo 890T)
Type: Osella V8, Year: 1988 0    
flag of italy Maserati Type: 250/T2, Year: 1957-1960
Type: 250/F1 S6, Year: 1954-1960
11 1953 Italian
Grand Prix
1967 South African
Grand Prix
Flag of USA Pratt & Whitney Type: Pratt & Whitney, Year: 1957 0    
Flag of USA Offenhauser Type: Straight 4 11 1950
Indianapolis 500*
Indianapolis 500*
Flag of UK Vanwall Type: L4
Year: 1954-1960
9 1957 British
Grand Prix
1958 Morocco
Grand Prix
Flag of Australia Repco Type: 620 (Oldsmobile based), Year: 1966-1969 8 1966 French
Grand Prix
1967 Canadian
Grand Prix
Flag of Japan Mugen Honda Type: MF351H, Year: 1991-1992
Type: MF351H, Year: 1993
Type: ZA5C, Year: 1993-1994
Type: MF301H, Year: 1994-1996
Type: MF301H-B, Year: 1997-1998
Type: MF301H-C, Year: 1998-2000
4 1996 Monaco
Grand Prix
1999 Italian
Grand Prix
Flag of Japan Yamaha Type: OX99, Year: 1991-1992
Type: OX10A (Judd GV), Year: 1991-1994
Type: OX10C (Judd HV), Year: 1995
Type: OX11A (Judd JV), Year: 1996-1997
Flag of Japan Isuzu Type: P799WE, Year: 1991      
Flag of USA JUDD Type: CV, Year: 1988-1989
Type: EV, Year: 1989-1992
flag of italy Lamborgini Type: 3512, Year: 1989-1992      
flag of italy Lancia Type: DS50, Year: 1954-1955      
flag of italy Serenissima Type: Serenissima, Year: 1966      
Flag of  France Matra
(Mecanique Aviation Traction)
Type: MS68 (MS9), Year: 1968
Type: MS70 (MS12), Year: 1970-1971
Type: MS71, Year: 1971
Type: MS72, Year: 1972
Type: MS73, Year: 1975-1976
Type: MS76, Year: 1977-1978
Type: MS78, Year: 1978
Type: MS81, Year: 1981-1982
3 1977 Swedish
Grand Prix
1981 Canadian
Grand Prix
Flag of USA Megatron
(program started with old BMW 4-cylinder turbo)
Type: A10, Year 1987-1988      
Flag of  France Mecachrome
(Renault rebranded)
Type: GC37-01 (Renault RS9B)
Year: 1997 (Renault), 1998
Flag of  France Supertec
(Renault rebranded)
Type: FB01 (Renault RS9B), Year: 1999
Type: FB02, Year: 2000
Flag of UKFlag of Japan Asiatech
(2001 Asia Motor Technologies purchased the assets of the Peugeot)
Type: A20, Year: 2001 (Arows)
Type: A20EvoII, Year: 2002 (Minardi)
flag of italy MotoriModerni
(designed for MinardiF1)
Type: V6, Year: 1984- 1987 Minardi
Year: 1986 ArnoF1, Year 1988 (Subaru-Coloni)
Flag of Germany Porsche Type: F8 753, Year: 1962 1 1962 French
Grand Prix
1962 French
Grand Prix
Flag of UK Aston-Martin Type: RB6, Year: 1959      
Flag of UK Weslake
(commissioned and modified Weslake engine
Type: Type 58, Year: 1966-1968 1 1967 Race of Champions at Brands Hatch 1967 Belgian
Grand Prix
Flag of Germany Kuchen Year: 1951 F2 regulations
Year: 1952-1953
Flag of UK Butterworth Year: 1952-1953      
Flag of UK Lea-Francis Year:1952-1954   1952 Turnberry GBGP 1953 Thruxton GBGP
Flag of UK Bristol Cars Year: 1952-1973      
Flag of UK Zakspeed Type: 841, Year: 1985-1987
Type: 871, Year: 1988
Flag of  FrancePeugeot Type: A6, Year: 1994
Type: A20, Year: 2000, 2001 (AsiaTech 001)


* The Indianapolis 500 was part of the World Drivers' Championship from 1950 to 1960.


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